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The bail bonds process can be complicated. Don’t worry! We make it simple and guide you through it step-by-step.

How the Bail Bond Process Works

When someone is arrested and granted bail by a judge, bail bond agencies can help the person get released from jail without having to pay the full bond amount. For example, if someone is given a two hundred thousand dollar bond by a judge in Florida, a bail bond agency can help the person get released for only 10 percent of that. Bail bond process agencies collect a certain percentage of the bond amount in exchange for a guarantee that the defendant will make his or her scheduled court appearances.

Assisting you in a Fast Bail Bond Process

To help someone get released from jail, you can pay the release amount yourself out of pocket or get financing from a bail bond agency. We offer convenient financing with affordable payment plans and we also accept all major credit cards. After you have paid or entered into a financing agreement with us, we will start the process of getting your loved one released from jail.

Provide us With Detailed Information

Click Here to go to our Bails Bond Release Form, completely fill it out and provide us with all the information.  Once completed move on to step 2.

Upon Completion of Step 1 

Call 954.766.4759 after the initial form has been completed, we will guide you the rest of the way.

Wait For Additional Calls 

We take care of it from here on out, if anything else is needed we will call you.

Info Needed

What We Need From You to Get Started on the Bail Bond Process

To help expedite release, have the following ready when you contact us:

  1. Date of Arrest: Please make sure to have the correct information since mistakes can delay the process. We don’t want that and we know you don’t either!
  2. Defendant’s Full Name: Please have the full legal name of the defendant ready.
  3. Name of the Jail: Be sure to know where the defendant is being held.
  4. Location of the Jail: We need to know the location including county and state where the arrested person is being held so we can get them released.
  5. Defendant’s Birthdate: Please make sure this information is accurate.
  6. Bond Amount: The bond amount is calculated as a percentage of the total bail set by judge. If the alleged crime is a state crime the percentage is 10 percent. The percentage for federal crimes is 15 percent.

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